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SAP Accounting Doc Approver demo


What is this all about?

In Chinese company Financial department, Document posting (especially G/L document) requires cross verification from author to verifier, governed by a series of verification steps.

Junior Accountants take the paper based invoices, and key the document entry to ERP system on their desks. Before posting, Senior Accountants need to verify on those documents against the paper invoice. In more complex case of multi-level verification, Financial Managers are required to verify the document in the end.

Key Pain Points Addressed

Financial Manager can only approve FI documents in the office/desk – process gets delayed
Financial Manager do not receive notifications of new FI documents to be approved – process gets delayed

Key Product Features

Display still to-be-processed and recently processed accounting documents
Drill down to view line item details of an accounting document
Approve or reject documents in single or batch mode with an explanation of reasons
Search and sort local documents
Retrieve data from the back-end system in parallel and on demand

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