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Platform independent

Demo any app you wish from computer to web and mobile apps.

All you need to create the demo is some app screenshots.

Embeddable in your website/app

Embed the high-quality demo in your website, as easily as you would do it with a YouTube video.

Include the demo in your iOS or Android app with a simple copy/ paste.

Easy and fast

No technical skills required.
No installations or additional tools.

Just upload some app screenshots, choose a device frame from our library and easily add interaction and annotations.

Devices frames

Use the latest device frames from Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony, BlackBerry, Amazon, etc.

All frames are high quality and have transparent backbround so that your demo looks good in any environment.

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Appdemostore is a great product and I only wish I had found it earlier. It really saves time and is well done producing nice results.

Adam Longfellow,
Owner at
This solution was understood and used well by our design team very quickly. It enabled rapid prototyping and user testing while marketing at the same time. For any team developing an app, this is a must-have-tool!

Shaun Syvertsen,
Partner at Convergent Information Systems
I definitely recommend using

Erika Hellauer,
Project Manager at Whirlpool