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Group Travel Videos


Demo Group Travel Videos App.

As you and your group travel, the app is designed to allow everyone to upload and share photos with family and friends on a commonly shared website back home as you travel. When the trip is over, we'll use your photos to create a very cool video for your group. You will be able to watch a highlight video and the full length video right on your mobile device, tablet, or computer. Also, you will be able to view everyone's photos and share them on Facebook, as well as your highlight video. And all with this App!
Note: In order to use this app you have to be a traveler that has Group Travel Videos™ included with your trip package. Your group leader will be provided with a username and password unique to your group. Each traveler will use to login to the app. If you do not have Group Travel Videos™ included in your trip package, please contact your tour operator or group leader and ask them to include it as part of your trip. You can directly order Group Travel Videos™ at, or call 888-533-7637 x213 or email

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