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AppUsageDoctor description
App usage doctor allows you to survey in very nice manner the usage of your mobile-phone applications. It gives you an absolute control for your daily use of your mobile applications.
With this application, you can control the time you spend on social networks, favorite video games or applications.

You can add usage alerts to avoid spending too much time on an application.

App usage doctor is also a very advanced manager for the installed applications on your mobile.
With this application, you can detect the rarely used applications and uninstall them easily to gain disk space and performance.

This app contains advertising that allows it to continue to exist, to be maintained and evolve. These ads are very well integrated and do not interfere in any way the use of the features available in the free version.

A professional version with more features wel be available for sale via the free version for a ridiculous price.

# Important note:
This app does not collect any data about you, and all your applications usage statistics are stored only on your local mobile phone and only you can access them.

Thanks for reading :)

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