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Customer Collections - SAP Mobility App by Mobolutions


Looking for a mobility solution to enhance customer collection process? Tired of delayed process of collecting outstanding invoices from customers? Collecting invoices through check, cash and debit card difficult?

Now, Mobolutions' customer collections app designed with flurry of features and benefits will help collection executives of any enterprise to minimize the invoice collection process and maximize efficiency. This reliable and state-of-the-art app not only helps users collect payment efficiently through cash, debit card and check but also helps them with authentication facility. In addition, it documents and updates the process details instantly on the backend system.

The mobility application is designed out-and-out for enterprise users (i.e., collection executives) to simplify the process of collecting open invoices from customers. The app helps them with advanced features like tracking invoices, searching from lists and filtering, authenticating payments etc.

The powerful “Search” option enables users to track and access the invoices of different customers easily and the “Filter” facility helps to access the details of a specific customer without a hassle. On top of it, the digital signature facility helps to authenticate payments and helps avoid disputes/duplication. A single click on the “Receive Payment” option will ensure a successful payment process, with every single detail instantly updated on the backend.

Highlight Features

For collection executives:

• SAP UI5 and NetWeaver gateway powered interface with cross-platform and device compatibility along with the exceptional user experience
• Simple, intuitive, easy-to-use and user-friendly screens
• Simple to track and access complete invoice lists and data of customers
• Filter facility to search and find any specific invoice of customers
• Facility to check total open invoices of each customer
• Option to oversee discrete open invoice of each customer
• Digital signature to track and authenticate payment completion for avoiding disputes/duplication
• Option to collect payments through check, cash and debit card from customers
• Facility to Submit and Cancel payment confirmation
• Option to collect Partial invoice payment from customers
• One-touch payment confirmation, authentication, and backend documentation facility


For Enterprises:

• Amazing alternative to web-based collection process
• Best fits for collection executives possessing different kinds of mobile devices and OSs
• Simplifies cash deposit and reconciliation during payment collection process
• Enables quick and easy payment collection from customers
• Ensures instant collection confirmation and updates detail on backend promptly
• Minimizes complete payment collection process time from different customers remarkably

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