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OrgnaicPro Android App Demo



Oraganic-Pro is an enterprise application for farmer and consumer for order placing and

Features :
--Admin panel in android application.
--implemented Ui design for phone and tablet.
--Separate login for farmer and consumer
--User can login, edit profile.
--Farmer can add and update their oraganic product details with certification.
--Consumer can send request qty of product farmer.
--Consumer future purchase.
--Sending email to subscriber.

Technologies used:

-> IDE- Android Studio.
->Insured application developed with the SDLC Software Development lifecycle.
->Volley used for REST-API.
->Picasso used for Network Imageview.
->Profile image upload(using camera or sdcard) using Base64 encription.
->Floating Action menus.
->Recylerview with pagination like desktop web-application.
->Multi select and multi-deselect option using action mode and also in floating action menu.

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