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Smart Delivery - SAP Proof of Delivery POD


Squeeze Mobility’s cutting edge Smart Delivery app empowers delivery drivers in the distribution industry deliver goods, capture digital signature for Proof of Delivery, and issue invoice right away after delivering goods.
Smart Delivery - Business benefits:
•Improve Delivery performance: Deliver right products to right customers and issue invoice at right after delivery improving speed and accuracy.
•Faster payments: with the ability to issue invoice right after the customer confirms the delivery of the goods, Accounts Receivable cycle will be reduced.
•Reduce Operating Costs: use cheaper devices such as iPad with great functionality instead of the old devices that cost few thousand dollars but lack functionality.
•Reduce disputes by capturing and storing signatures for every delivery confirmation. In addition to signature, a delivery driver can capture photos of the delivered goods helping you have another evidence of delivery.
•Go Green: Smart Delivery app empowers the delivery driver by optimizing the route of his deliveries. With the Optional Maps Route optimization API, delivery driver knows which customer to deliver first. Some of the benefits are less fuel, quicker delivery and low green house gas emissions as a result. Go green!
•Streamline operations: Smart delivery app enables to issue invoice only for goods that are delivered thus enabling you to eliminate the need for issuing credit memo and reconcile later.
•Unprecedented productivity: With route optimization feature, drivers can deliver to more customers in the same time. In addition to delivery, drivers can perform return pickups and collect payments.
•Build a Strong Brand: project a sophisticated image in front your customers.
•Reduce Errors: Smart delivery app eliminates the need for manual entries. No need for paper as the app directly communicates with SAP ECC system. Delivered quantity will be updated automatically after the goods are scanned with the bar code scanner. With a simple and clear dash board of the delivery summary, customer and driver will be on the same page.
•Item level Access: Deliver products at the item level and also capture refusal/rejection reason at the item level.
•Partial Delivery: With the ability to deliver goods at the line item level, you can deliver a full order or a partial order.
•Signature: Capture signature from the customer and store it in ECC system.
•Real-Time SAP ECC integration: Delivery confirmation, signature, photos are smoothly integrated into SAP ECC system in real-time.

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