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Case Studies

Have an awesome app? Show it to the world!

Case #1

Showcase your app on your web site

You can easily embed a clickable demo created on AppDemoStore into your web site. It's as easy as copying the simple HTML embed code that we provide for each demo and pasting it into your web page.

In case you need some inspiration, have a look at these awesome app pages with interactive demos.

See how Givelify embeds an app demo into their website   

Case #2

Install your demo on a smartphone or tablet

You have an app idea you want to show people on a mobile device? Or you want to showcase a certain well defined scenario or use case of your app? You can add a demo to your mobile device home screen and access it easily any time - online or offline.

Follow this article to learn how to do it   

Case #3

Showcase your app on your computer

This approach is perfect if you want to showcase your app on a big screen to a larger audience. You can open the demo in full-screen by clicking the full-screen button on the top-right corner of the demo on AppDemoStore demo page.

See how Audi is showcasing its car apps in full-screen   

Case #4

Company demo repository

Some of the coolest enterprises of the world have set up dedicated web sites for all their app demos. Customers can engage with all their products and be educated and amazed, easily and conveniently in the browser - so simple and so powerful!

And there are so may more: Dell, USA Truck, Ulster Bank, NatWest Bank, Ping Identity.

Case #5

Astonish, bewilder, impress

Let your customers experience your great apps right in their browser. Let them play with your apps and let them experience them with the convenience of their own computer - no need to download anything - no need to install anything.

Click through the demo on the right to experience some of the apps available on the Apple Watch.

Experience this Apple Watch demo right in your browser