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Smart Document Capture for Insurance

by Ian


Insurance claims process example with MFP integration into Insurance provider's claims processing software:

- Eldrick Woods has called his insurance agent to initiate a claim for a car accident. The agent enters the details of the claim in the claims processing software platform.
- A claims adjuster contacts Eldrick and explains the claim process, including what documents are required. Eldrick acquires and sends the required documents to his claims adjuster.

- Upon receiving the documents, the claims adjuster loads Eldrick's documents in the MFP's ADF and presses the "Claims Origination" icon.

- The adjuster is presented with a list of pending claims to be processed, and selects Eldrick’s account
- The adjuster is provided a list of required documents based on compliance rules for Eldrick’s specific claim, and scans the documents.
- Smart Document Capture checks the packet for compliance - ensuring all required documents have been received, so as to not delay processing
- While at the MFP, the claims adjuster is notified that the repair estimate is missing.
- The claims adjuster is given the opportunity to scan the missing document or return later to scan and complete the claims package.

- Upon scanning the missing document, the claims adjuster is presented with confirmation that all required documents have been received.

In his communication channel of choice, Eldrick is provided notification that all documents have been received and his claim is being processed.