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Samsung Galaxy S8 Interactive Presentation


Samsung Galaxy S8 is the latest Android smartphone by Samsung. It was unveiled on 29 March 2017 during a media event in New York City and its the successors of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

The most outstanding feature of the phone is the new Infinity Display which covers nearly the whole phone with only very small bezels.

You can try out the new Samsung Galaxy S8 right in your browser using this guided demo. It shows the Quick Tools feature as well as some of the most important settings like Display, Screen Mode, Apps, Default Apps, Home Screen and Lock Screen. There are also a few apps which are showcased: the Gallery and the Camera apps, Gmail, YouTube and the Chrome Browser app.

Use the highlighted orange hotspots to navigate the demo. Use the Home button to come back to the Home screen and use the Back button to return to the previous screen.

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